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Ednor is a writer, musician and graphic designer with deep family roots in Montana. In 2009 he published Montana Curiosities, which went on to become the best-selling title in Globe Pequot’s Curiosities series. The second edition was released in 2016. Myths and Legends of Yellowstone was released in 2018 on Two Dot and Ednor's latest book, Seven Montanas, hit shelves in late 2019.

Playing music under the name Bob Wire, Ednor performs around the state and has released five albums of original music. In 2007 Bob Wire was named Missoula's Entertainer of the Year.

Ednor lives in Missoula with his wife Shannon.

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Q&A: Ednor Therriault Talks Yellowstone, Bigfoot and Campfire Stories

by Peter Friesen

April 4, 2019

Bob Wire, the Traveling Bard of Montana, Has a New Book

by Chris La Tray

January 29, 2020

Editor's Interview with Ednor Therriault

by Valerie Harms

December 12, 2010



Med Rocks 5.jpg

A Merman's Tale

Mountain Outlaw Magazine

In my first humor piece for Mountain Outlaw, I share my experience of swimming with the mermaids at the legendary Sip 'n Dip in Great Falls. Yes, I wore the mermaid tail. Yes, I nearly drowned. Yes, regrettably, there are photos.

Dye Hard: A Cracked Easter Egg Story

Mountain Outlaw Magazine

One of the official harbingers of spring is Easter, which means so many different things to all of us. You know what Easter means to you. If you’re Christian, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ three days after his crucifixion, as described in the New Testament, wrapping up a forty-day observance that begins with Lent. The Jewish faith celebrates Passover, which sometimes overlaps Easter, and commemorates the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. For us secular humanists, Easter means eggs are a buck a dozen at Albertsons.

Medicine Rocks is Worth the Drive

Distinctly Montana Magazine

Located in the extreme southeast corner of Montana, Medicine Rocks State Park is a little-visited gem of the treasure state. Its jaw-dropping natural sandstone sculptures, shaped by centuries of wind and weather, inspired Theodore Roosevelt to call it "as fantastically beautiful a place I have ever seen." Check out this account of my visit there one summer, when I had the whole place to myself.

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Seven Montanas.jpg

Welcome to the United States of Montana.

It's been said that Montana is so huge an so diverse, it could be sliced up into at least half a dozen different states. Through interviews, photos, history and personal observations, author Ednor Therriault profiles each region of Montana and in the process gives a more complete view of the state as a whole. Along the way the reader will learn why some people choose to live where they do, how they view the rest of the state, and what some of the factors are that give each region its singularity.

The book also features nearly 100 stunning black and white images from a team of Montana photographers.

2019, TwoDot


Here's the perfect travel companion for your next Montana road trip!

The second edition of Montana Curiosities is updated with many more of the oddball attractions, places, events and people that made the original the biggest seller in the Curiosities series! This off-the-wall travel guide features lots of humor, tons of great color photos, and so many interesting Montana curiosities that you won't want to leave home without it.

2016, Globe Pequot



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MTC cover.jpg

So you think you know all there is to know about Yellowstone?

Have you heard of the strange sounds that seem to emanate from Yellowstone Lake? Did you know that there was an Indian tribe, the Sheepeaters, who made their home in the Yellowstone area long before it was designated a national park? How about the poacher who was caught just before the last of the genetically pure Yellowstone bison herd was wiped out? These stories and more are examined in this thoroughly entertaining trip through the history of the world's first national park.

2018, TwoDot