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Win a Free Set of All My Books!

Okay, technically not all of my books, as I've done second editions of a couple of them. But these five titles represent the all the titles I have put on the shelf since Montana Curiosities came about in 2009.

As an independent author, I'm not one of those filthy rich fat cats who light cigars with C-notes and sits

back while they watch the bulldozers in their backyard move the piles of gold into different locations purely for their entertainment, and say things like, "No purchase required."

A purchase is required. For every one of my books you buy directly from me, I'll give you one entry in the drawing for the Full Ednor Set, which will be Dec. 18. No fine print, no conditions, no legal mumbo jumbo. Just some friendly DIY marketing. Take a look at the titles, see which one (or three) you'd like to order, and email me so we can set up payment (Venmo, PayPal, check, barter). If you're in Missoula, I will drop off your signed books at your location, contact-free. Outside of Missoula, I'll mail your signed copies directly to you.

Sounds good? Great! Let the contest begin, and good luck!

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