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Write On

We’re all writers. That’s been the case since we picked up our first crayon and took a nibble. Right after that, I mean, when we attempted to share with the world the existential ennui of being a baby by scribbling our Burnt Orange manifesto all over the hallway. Whether you write for a living or—as is the case with virtually everyone—you have to string together words and phrases as part of your job, we all write. Greeting cards, three-word instructions on Post-Its, it’s all the same thing: trying to convey an idea or tell a story.

So this isn’t a blog for Writers, it’s a blog for writers. I’m not interested in giving you the inside poop on how to get your first novel published, nor am I a pinch-mouthed grammar Nazi who spends every blog post eviscerating everyone who dares to put a comma outside the closing quotation mark. There are plenty of blogs that already do those things.

I’m just here to share my ideas, experiences and—hopefully—helpful suggestions as a fellow writer who’s found a small measure of success getting articles and a handful of books published. My hope is to make this blog entertaining as well as illuminating, and I encourage you to post your comments or feedback below. If you find that I’m leaning too much toward the pedantic, let me have it with both barrels, sister. Nobody wants to be lectured to.

Which reminds me of a joke. A young woman from Caldwell, Idaho, earned a four-year scholarship to Harvard. During her first day on campus, she stopped an upperclassman to ask directions. “Can you tell me where the library is at?” she asked.

The buttoned-down senior looked her up and down and said, “Here at Harvard we do not end our sentences with prepositions.”

“Oh,” said the new student. “Well, then, can you tell me where the library is at, asshole?”

It’s an old joke. You’ve probably heard it. But it serves as a good sample of the type of humor you’re likely to see here. But hopefully, along the way you’ll also pick up some writing tips and ideas, and you’ll share them with your writer friends. Which is all your friends.

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